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Back in 2011 I had had my first child, although I had my husband’s two children with me full time, I was smitten with my own first born son. I did not want to go back to work at the local grocery chain and leave him with a sitter. So I began digging for ways that I could make money and better myself. At first I thought to go back to school and started classes with University of Phoenix to become an elementary school teacher.

I liked the idea of being off for the summer to spend time with my family. Family is very important to me. So I started school and collected the unnecessary debt that all college students collect- student loans. Even though I would get a little money from my Pell Grant. I just was not having enough money to cover everything and help out with the household.


I started researching work at homes jobs which many opportunities were scams or bogus get rich quick crap. I was really discouraged. I avidly search on which most positions advertised were things that required degrees, experience, etc. A new mom of three this was just not possible at the time.

One day I happened upon and later I went through the strenuous study materials and tests. Was able to make it on with Leapforce but this was a six month contract. So on I went researching more work at home opportunities. I considered blogging, but went with content milk writing instead. This was a dead end and I nearly gave up.

However, I later happened on This was a favorite extra cash gig that I really enjoyed working with. I still occasionally use them for cash that I can get within a week. But still I ventured on.

I was a tutor with, client service assistant with Lifebushido and more recently a consultant with and After all of these opportunities being six month to one year contracts, I figured I could try blogging again. So here I am giving. Logging a try and so far I love it.

So over the past five years I have gained a lot of experience navigating the Work At Home job fields that I know how to spot a scam and what’s the real deal. I’ve gathered enough experience to help others find their perfect fit for a WAH career. That’s why I am offering my reviews on the jobs I have worked and the jobs I have applied for to give you a head start on your advances to working at home. I wish I had known what I know now back when I had my baby. It would be so simple for us now.

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