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why we decided to move to Colorado

Why My Family Decided to Move to Colorado

Florida. Oh Florida. The sunshine, the salty gulf air, palm trees and seas gulls. Paradise. Packing that all into a memory and heading for a wintery wonderland in Colorado!

Yes! We are relocating from beautiful sunny Florida to mountain majestic Colorado.
Why in the world would we, a family of six, up root over 20 years of life in Florida to Colorado?

For one, SNOW ❄️ The white, sparkly, wonderful, goodness of rain frozen over. That’s right we want a cold white Christmas 🎄 and not just once but hopefully every year.

Two, we have seen all Florida has to offer we’ve been to almost the southern tip and have lived in the panhandled most of lives. My children were born here and have not seen anything else.

Same ol’ Same ol’

Every summer it’s the beach every other day, water parks or Disney for family vacations. Unless you’re at the beach there’s not much of scenery. You can go hiking but there’s no view just streets, trees and if you’re out in the country, farm lands. We loved it here, don’t get me wrong.

One day it just dawned on me, I was so disgusted with the dead end feeling in life. So disgusted with the thought that if you wanted to make money it was during the summer season here in Florida or during an occasional snow bird rush during the winter.

I was tired of a hot muggy Christmas, it was literally 74 degrees on Christmas Day, and the flip flopping of weather from being warm to cold the next day back to warm in the winter months. And don’t get me started on the humidity!! There was barely a day I could wear my kinky curly hair straight for the life of me!!!

So I immediately reached for my phone and called my husband, I was driving at the time. We had previously considered moving to Colorado right after having my son, but I was in no way up for a relocation with an infant. (Kudos to the military moms and dads who are able to do this time and time again)

“What made you change your mind”, he asked. And I told him the same rant you just read. So he said ok. Ok? ……..Ok? That was just not enough for me.

The Dilemma

As soon as I got home, I barged in the door to extend this talk. Boy, did he love that. 😉I’m not gonna tell you that we gracefully decided out our plans and that it was a joyous transition. Nope it wasn’t. We were excited and started messaging our friend who lives there and I started looking for homes.

We had moments of being terrified. My husband became nearly panicked from the thought. But we knew it was now or never and we took it step by step in about a six month process.

We had been to Colorado before back in 2013 on our Honeymoon. We loved Colorado, not so much the city areas, because of all the homeless individuals sitting in Walmart entryways and McDonald’s lobbies, but more or less the countryside and mountains, the fresh air. There was always a view is what really sold me.


We considered our finances, at the time he was coming to the end of the restaurant season in the Panhandle of Florida which is about October or November. Business was slowing so there wasn’t much for “saving” any money.

Seeing that we are a low income family (yes I feel it’s in my children’s best interest to have at least one parent home for them, which leaves me supplementing income at home and you can too, check here) we receive a tax return at the beginning of the new year.

I knew this was the only, seriously ONLY opportunity for us to move, as soon as we receive those funds. Any later and we would just be wasting $1300 a month in rent living in Florida, again no other way to “save”.

We decided early March was ideal, though we may drive into a winter storm or two, there would be less competition for homes. Summers can get pretty competitive and prices for homes spike.

As I mentioned earlier my husband started to panic, this was more or less that he feared everything would not go as planned and we would end up homeless in an unfamiliar city. We were looking at homes around $1300- $1500 a month with five bedrooms. He felt that finding a job that would bring in that kind of income would not be possible to start off. He’s right, we needed to start small and build up again. We were starting our lives over.


This is when reality really set in and we needed to change the plans to accommodate for the unforeseen. I assured my husband that we all could manage in a much smaller area and live happily.

I adjusted our search for 3 bedrooms around 1200 or less. Although we get by well enough without having to use programs or benefits. We felt relocating like this would be in the best interest of our ability to survive to go ahead and take advantage of those benefits.

Colorado offers many housing programs for low income families, if you need support don’t let your pride keep you from receiving the help that you need, that is what it is there for.

So after much research here we are in a little over a one month count down to finally hitting the road!

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