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Update 4/12/2017- since writing this post, I have not had any responses from the contacts listed for FBBucks. However, today I received an email from Peter BP with nearly 500 other emails listed for a scam email. You can see this email and the screenshot of the bogus site it sends you to below at the end of my original post. This just further verifies that scam indeed! So side hustlers beware! FBBucks is a scam!

Curious about I was too. Is a scam? I think so and here’s why. I like to research side hustles or gigs religiously. I’m always wanting to bring in extra income by many avenues.

One day I came across this ad on Craigslist stating that they would pay you $100 to feature an ad on your Facebook ads account using their Google Chrome extension.

If you qualified they would pay you up to $500 every month after about a five month build up period. Sounds to good to be true? I completely thought so.

I’m so daring though!


Taking the Leap

So I took the leap and emailed them. They responded the next day and asked that I go to their site and sign up, then create a Facebook page for them to post these ads. I did these tasks and sent them the information as well as installed the Chrome extension on my browser.

Yes, they have a terms and conditions and I thoroughly read through it and found nothing alarming. However, no where did it state a business location, address, phone number or email for points of contact.

I reviewed the site and again no forms of contact except their generic contact form on the site that only allows you to put your info in but nothing to contact them directly. This was a red flag or this site.

Red Flags

Now I did have a phone number and email from a guy named Tom Johansen, who was my initial point of contact. He walked me through all the steps and sent me my first payment. To state again, the Craigslist ad said my first payment would be $100, I only got $25.

I didn’t completely dismiss the program just yet because they sent me an email stating that I qualified for the highest paying plan. You can see the email below.

Payments Stopped

So I received my $25 on the 5th of January (my PayPal statement is below) and later received notices about the ads on my ad account. From there I could see the progress that these ads were having and I was feeling more pleased with my dare now.

That is until February 5th came around. I checked my PayPal account every hour and no money. Which I thought would be $100. After two days I text Tom and he later responded stating that they had sent too many payments and their PayPal had been paused and I would receive my payment next day.

So next day came around and I checked my PayPal and had a $75 deposit from Facebook Bucks. Yeah that and the first $25 equaled the $100. So I thought whatever, sorta makes sense and waited for my next monthly payment to receive my $200 on March 5th.

March 5th came, no payment. Checked my ads account there were no ads running. Waited a couple more days since the payment was “late” before. No payment. I emailed tom and texted him several times and no response whatsoever.


Calling Them Out!

Finally I went on my scam research and let me tell ya there isn’t very much out there. There are a few sites showing that this scam was a new site and that there was a location in London. Not really sure how legit those sites were, but it was enough to show that something sketchy was at play.

After browsing more I came across a tumbler page that said was legit and how surprised they were after receiving $500. But as you seen above they would have had to been with the program for at least six months before getting $500. The tumbler page had no activity and no photos at all just that little snippet and that was it. Hmmmm

A Little Help

I also came across a helpful video on YouTube by YouTuber rockinchick1219 who went on to expose “Alleged Scam artist“. She went through the same thing, as well as a few other people. You can check out her experience here.

I messaged her and she was able to give me another email as a point of contact for the scam. I had to email them twice in order to even get a response, only after I threatened to report the company and post a scam alert, did someone get back to me.

This time a Peter BP responded and you can see that conversation below.


So yes after my response I have not heard anything from either contacts from this company. So my opinion of this company? SCAM!

They pull you in with an expectancy of getting paid and the first little payment gives you something to nibble at. Then they don’t want to pay you what is later owed. As I have seen other complaints, very few, that it is a one man scam and I can see that as the emails both include Tom.
They fork over $100 to run ads that legitimately they would have to pay more for as a “marketing company”. They dump your account and move on to another unsuspecting victim.

Where you scammed too?
Here are the emails and phone numbers that I have for this company (this is the email YouTuber rockingchick1219 was able to give me)
Tom Johansen
Peter BP

If you have any luck with reaching this company leave a comment and let me know.

Also take the initiative to report this company with You can file a complaint and request that a report be made for this company. I have already done so but more demand and awareness can help move things along.

As always its that simple, Simple At Its Best 😉

Updated 4/12/2017 here is the email I received from Peter BP

As you can see there are 497 other contacts listed but I hid those for privacy rights. Here is the screenshot of the link hyperlinked in the email’s usuage of “this”.

So tell me how does this have anything to do with Why does he have access to my email and nearly 500 others to send a random article to. This is definitely fishing for traffic to a site. Not sure what malicious activity could be attached but viewers beware. I have not attached the link for sake of not containmenating my site.

Any one else receive this email from a scam contact? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts on the matter.

Sharing is caring!

2 comments on “ is a SCAM! Red Flags that revealed the Truth”

  1. Heyo, I had the same issue but then after some emailing etc, I received my second payment of $100, Will get back to you about the third, I can’t fully say they’re a scam yet.

    • Hi Tony!
      Thanks for visiting my site! Yeah I still have not heard from anyone after numerous emails. They have flat out been ignoring me. Not to mention that they have stopped running ads on my account. So many people have not received the greatest experience with FBBucks. If they aren’t running a scam then they do not have a very good business running at all.

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