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My Experience Working for Lifebushido

During my journey to stable my income working from home, I was trying many outlets of income. I babysat, tried Amazon Turk, beta testing sites, Swagbucks, Inbox dollars, online surveys. You name it I have pretty much tried it.

Working from home is really something that has to be pursued diligently with many successes and failures along the way before you find the right gig for you. Many of the opportunities mentioned above have been quite successful for many but not really something for me. I came across Lifebushido during my ventures for online work. At first I dismissed it after reading another blog (Real Ways to Earn Money Online) about the hiring process. Later, out of curiosity, I figured why not give it a try. I applied.

The Hiring Process

After going through the uniquely different way of applying for a job, ( having to complete a personally DEEP questionnaire) I received an email from one of their recruiting individuals. Who further gave me instructions on more life goal focused questionnaires, etc. By this time I was feeling sort of gimmicky. The Lifebushido website in itself, overall looks gimmicky.

I proceeded with the hiring process which continued to become rather annoying since they ask that you create a Wiki account and join what they called a Triangle and participate with a group of other “Ishidos” (new hires). This was considered some form of skill set seeking. Though to me it was a waste of time. I personally did not see how finding your soul animal would show how well skilled you are. You were also given a checklist that you had to complete in a week and “some” and I mean some was billable for pay IF you were given a hire agreement.

To move forward, I was hired on and joined one of their groups called Client Services. This is were I really learned what the company was about and what they really did. They offered Virtual assistant services to real estate agents. The group of Client Services representatives was like customer support for their clients. I went through the training process for the group and finally was able to put in billable hours. Only a small portion of the real time that I took to train was billable. This is the downfall of this company.

The Work

I was given a few clients in which I was to email and schedule calls with to go over the services that they received from Lifebushido. I would ask them questions from a script, take thoroughly detailed notes as this was required and relay the notes to the appropriate people in certain “departments”. My emphasis of department is that this was really a small company with maybe 50 people max and these individuals were working overtime to meet the needs of over 200 clients. I’m talking two to three people in each area; sales, graphic design, websites, leads, etc.

After a couple months I was doing great. Then clients were not very happy with their services after a few months. More and more complaints came in and I forwarded the notes off. Clients canceled their services and I received new clients just for them to be unsatisfied with Lifebushido and cancel as well. This was a two to three month turnaround here. Many client ignored my emails and never answered my calls. I started to feel like a telemarketer and harassing.

The Downfall

I really took this as a sign of the morale of the company, if so many clients were becoming so unhappy with Lifebushido why am I working with them. To top it all off Lifebushido pays roughly 10$/hr. But that hour is not your typical “at a job” hour. That hour could have literally been a whole day’s worth of work and you were only allowed to bill for one hour.


I was working well over 20 hrs a week but I only received around 300$ a month give or take and no they do not take out taxes. In order for you to really make any money you had to put in more “hours”. And that had to be requested as I was only allowed to bill 10 hrs a week, no more. If you billed more than 10 hrs you were audited and had to go over your show of work.

Eventually Steve, the man who started the company, no longer wanted to pay more than the 10 hours that I’d bill for and I was not going to take on more “hours” when that would double the time I was already putting in it, let me go.



To break it down a little so you can get where I’m coming from. You had a list of tasks that you may or may have completed and how much “time” you could bill for. That being said, you had to write emails, make calls, etc., but you could only bill 2 mins an email when it could have taken you ten minutes to do it. They were also strict about their font, formatting, etc. After writing your email and thoroughly proofreading, which I’m all for, and having to complete several emails and remembering everyone it needed to be sent to (sometimes 15 people or more) that two minutes of pay was not worth it.


Overall, after almost a year the job was just not right for me, after managing four kids and my college courses, I was spending more time on this job than the worth I was bringing in every month. Do you have experience with Lifebushido? What was your experience like?

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