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My Experiences Working with Elevate K12


Before getting to the point where I am today working from home, I was taking online course with the University of Phoenix for my Associates in Elementary Education. I decided that I should test my new learned skills and become a tutor.


I seen Elevate Learning on my favorite WAH job (site) and decided to apply. Upon applying I received an invitation to interview and had an online interview that was very brief and not face to face. It was a VoIP call through Google I believe. The representative went over a few slides which gave very little intel into what the curriculum would be, nor did I receive any training or techniques to tutor.

The Work

After they sent me contracts, the required headset and graphics pad and they received my availability from me, I started with my first set of classes. I logged in and pulled up the slides for the class and began looking over them. Much to my dismay, I needed to brush up on my math skills.


I requested different topics but they really only needed math tutors so that’s what I was given. Some of the slides you were given to teach were poorly made and there is NO answer key at all. They expect you work the problems yourself while teaching the students in a short hour time span. Talk about pressure, but then again all of the education field is pressure.


Students logged on and after getting past trouble shooting technical issues. We began going through the slides. It proved much more difficult than I had thought because there was not an established bond and the students felt as if it were playtime. They didn’t listen much and a couple of them had no idea what we were learning.


I had four students at a time in sort of a group conference where we all shared a virtual whiteboard and could view the slides, work on the screen, etc. The idea of the platform was perfect, it was easy to use and fun.

Where it Failed


What I disliked about working with Elevate was that you didn’t get a break. None at all. As soon as students logged out your next set of students logged in. You barely had time to review their set of slides for their class (as some classes had different slides, many students were from different schools).


They called you in ALL the time. They were flexible with your schedule but they call you in almost everyday. I was working nonstop 8-4 and would get called in to work til 6 sometimes. No problem I don’t mind working, but as many individuals looking for work at home we need to have time to care for our children as well.


They only tutor during the summer at least for what I was hired on for. When school started I didn’t have anymore classes. I asked if they would reach when more classes were available and they never did. They never asked for the headset or graphics bad to be returned either.


I recommend that if you really want to work from home tutoring for Elevate, you may want to hire a sitter or have someone to watch over younger children if you have any. Others wise house chores will be missed or younger children may feel neglected.

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6 comments on “Elevate K12”

  1. Hi!

    You noted there is no time between classes. Is there a way to see lessons 24 hours or more before the classes? I was thinking this could have helped.

    Also, you noted having to be on call between 8-4. I thought you let them know when you are available and this is when you are expected to work. Is this a false statement on the job ad?

    Finally, you noted you worked in a summer program and nothing after. Did you work there recently?

    • Hi Cureeus1!
      Thanks for reading my posts! As to answer your questions, unfortunately, Elevate K12 only allowed you to login approximately 10 minutes before your first class to go over the lessons. However, they had such a high demand that as soon as one class was over, new students were logging in for another class. Which may or may not have been the same grade or school. Each school had their own lessons they wanted you to teach the students. I even asked if I could access the teaching content the day before and they told me no.
      As for scheduling my original schedule was to work while my children were in school 8-2 cst but they gave me a schedule of 8-4. They always needed tutors to cover other tutors and would call me to teach classes past the schedule. Most days I ended up working til 4 being my last class, and others had me working til six. Its fine if this was a couple of times but it became almost everyday.
      This was two summers ago. I worked part of spring and into the summer, as some students were in summer school. After the summer program came to a close, they never contacted me back for when the next classes would start as they said they would. By that time I had moved on to another work at home job. I hope this helps, if you have more question please don’t hesitate to comment. If you’d like to stay up to date on my work at home journey you can subscribe to my newsletter. Good luck on your Work at Home Journey.

      • Thank you replying!

        I just remembered to come back to this post today. You really clarified your schedule situation in your answer. I hate that the position is tauted to let the tutor choose his/her hours as long as it was between 8-4 Eastern. I know you said they gave you 8-4 and you requested 8-2.

        Did the schedule or contract say it was expected that you work 8-4 M-F OR could you choose a timeframe like 8-11am break then 1-3pm M-F or 4 days a week instead of 5?

        • Hi Cureeus1,
          I don’t exactly remember what the contract said specifically but I do know that i was under the impression that you had flexibility. However, they were in such high demand that there was not much room for flexibility in the schedule that you may have wanted.

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