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My journey to working at home is just like any other. Circumstances arise that causes you to have seek employment by other means. My circumstance is that I have four children and the cost of childcare for all four would be pointless for me to even have a job outside of the home. So in order to save money and bring in an income, working at home was the way to go. Here you will find posts on my past WAH jobs and how they may or may not be a goof fit, as well as job leads or recommendations. is a SCAM! Red Flags that revealed the Truth SCAM! – Updated

Update 4/12/2017- since writing this post, I have not had any responses from the contacts listed for FBBucks. However, today I received an email from Peter BP with nearly 500 other emails listed for a scam email. You can see this email and the screenshot of the bogus site it sends you to below at the end of my original post. This just further verifies that scam indeed! So side hustlers beware! FBBucks is a scam!

Curious about I was too. Is a scam? I think so and here’s why. I like to research side hustles or gigs religiously. I’m always wanting to bring in extra income by many avenues.



My Experience Working for Lifebushido

During my journey to stable my income working from home, I was trying many outlets of income. I babysat, tried Amazon Turk, beta testing sites, Swagbucks, Inbox dollars, online surveys. You name it I have pretty much tried it.


Elevate K12

My Experiences Working with Elevate K12


Before getting to the point where I am today working from home, I was taking online course with the University of Phoenix for my Associates in Elementary Education. I decided that I should test my new learned skills and become a tutor.


I seen Elevate Learning on my favorite WAH job (site) and decided to apply. Upon applying I received an invitation to interview and had an online interview that was very brief and not face to face. It was a VoIP call through Google I believe. The representative went over a few slides which gave very little intel into what the curriculum would be, nor did I receive any training or techniques to tutor.


WAH Journey

Back in 2011 I had had my first child, although I had my husband’s two children with me full time, I was smitten with my own first born son. I did not want to go back to work at the local grocery chain and leave him with a sitter. So I began digging for ways that I could make money and better myself. At first I thought to go back to school and started classes with University of Phoenix to become an elementary school teacher.

I liked the idea of being off for the summer to spend time with my family. Family is very (more…)