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How I Rid My Family’s Acne for Good


Who ever told you “oh you’ll grow out of acne, it’s just for your teen years” LIED. They clearly had no idea what they were talking about.

Acne does not just go on well past your teen years, it even ventures to other parts of your body (back, buttocks, arms, etc). It’s was not fun as a teen and when I was in my early twenties I thought it was all over. Nope, boy was I in for an awakening. The acne on my back cleared up but I started to get it on my buttocks and thighs. Yikes!


I tried Proactive with no luck not to mention sooo expensive. So I dealt with it for a while, til I came across Pinterest and seen so many Pins for natural remedies that I started to look into the possibilities. You CAN get rid of acne!


Baking Soda


There were many Pins for using baking soda as a great exfoliant for acne skin. I had never thought to use baking soda on my skin. I had used it for my teeth several times to whiten them but on my skin? It was worth the try.


Let’s say I was hooked after the first time. I scrubbed my whole body in baking soda and I was mesmerized by how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards. After a couple of weeks I noticed less and less acne. I assume this is because of the removable of dead skin cells and the deep cleansing effect baking soda has.


I started making my own body scrubs (will post recipes soon) to remove dead skin and completely omitted having to use shaving gels or creams to get silky smooth legs. Ingrown hairs and acne were almost non existent.


Shea Moisture African Black Soap

So the baking soda was a great remedy for ridding acne for myself and even my husband jumped on board. But my 13 year old daughter was not having so much luck.


In earlier posts about my curly hair routine I mentioned how I live by Shea Moisture’s products. Well I still do and they had expanded their hair care line to skin care as well. My husband and I had recently switched from regular body soaps and washes to Shea Moisture’s all organic body washes, soap bars and scrubs. Let’s just say the results were amazing and addicting.


After my baking soda fail with my daughter we decided to let her join in on the amazing products too. Even though I usually don’t let my children use the more expensive products, because they tend to be so wasteful, I felt she was ready to upgrade;)


After a couple months of religiously using the African Black Soap Acne KIT my daughter’s skin was glowing! The kit contains all organic products, a facial scrub, moisturizer, bar soap and facial mask. You can buy the products separately or in the kit. I recommend buying the kit to start out and then see which product suits you most.


My daughter loves the bar soap just as we do and it can be found at your local drugstore, Walmart or Target and of course (AMAZON).


Also my family seems to have inherited Keratosis Pilaris, tiny little red bumps along your upper arms, shoulders and sometimes thighs, and it was quite embarrassing wearing short sleeves. But after switching from regular soap to African Black Soap the symptoms have subsided tremendously.

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